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On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about arguably the most popular game ever! One that has been installed on more than 10% of mobile devices worldwide and has beaten all records to the fastest downloaded game of all time; PokemonGO

This Japanese creation that has held the imaginations and pocket money of kids and rejuvenile adults for more than 20 years has taken the world by storm once again in an augmented reality experience unrivaled in the gaming world. But is pocket money all they are getting?  The parent company Niantic has been in cahoots with the CIA before and people accuse them now of creating a game so popular that it will get them the info that Google Maps cameras can’t get them; the inside of our homes. 

Accusations of reading emails, turning on our cameras and microphone when we aren’t looking are also being bandied about as well as the religious conotations! Yes, religious!  The places where these Pokemon can be found can now be bought so businesses and organisations can push people to premises where products are peddled. Also training your Pokemon usually happens at a church (no joke) so people obviously attach some ecumenical influence on the games motives.  So join us as we chat about this and much more with some people who have played the game, some people who are afraid and we who have heavily researched the guff all around the web about the sensation that is; PokemonGO


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