Planning to Go All In on Your Spiritual Business: Part Two

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Planning to go all in on your Spiritual Business: Part 2

This episode is part two of my recent episode Planning to Go All In on Your Spiritual Business. In that episode, I offered tips based on what I would or wouldn’t do again in my transition to a full-time spiritual business.That episode was very popular, and I wanted to share some additional things that I wish I had said. 


This path is more safe and secure than any job I’ve had working for another company. I mention a manifestation tool in this episode that I used to visualize my dream schedule as an entrepreneur when I was still in corporate. You can download My Dream Week Schedule and do this exercise yourself! The link is also available after the show notes.


In this episode:

  • Older generations don’t see entrepreneurship as a path to security
  • The spiritual bubble is the sacred space of an undercover lightworker 
  • Prepare for difficult conversations with people who have different beliefs
  • When I said I was a medium, my husband said, “you’re not going to quit your job, are you?”
  • I had an uncomfortable conversation with a friend with religious trauma
  • I regretted not sharing sooner with a friend that has spiritual interests
  • It was uncomfortable telling my boss that I would be doing this on maternity leave 
  • I was shocked that my colleagues asked me to do readings in the Indigenous community
  • I would declare to Skylar on my way to work that I was here to be of service
  • I was inspired by younger millennials leaving when a position didn’t feel right
  • We learn that external validation is nice, but is not what drives us
  • I was a self-determined kid and my parents have never doubted me
  • It was hard for people to understand why I would leave my government job
  • Being First Nations, my kids and I have free benefits
  • Disability was more stress than benefit, for 40% of my income
  • I pay myself weekly what I was earning on a regular biweekly pay
  • I take a modest income and reinvest in my staff and growing Spirit School
  • When my brother was ill in March, I was able to be with him for three weeks 
  • The evidence I’ve collected is that a 9 to 5 is not more secure 
  • Know your why you before you invite people into your spiritual bubble
  • I showed my Capricorn husband a spreadsheet of earning potential
  • My why was that I wanted to drop my kids off at school and pick them up
  • We are a matriarchal family so quality of life is my responsibility
  • I hope my children start businesses instead of entering the workforce
  • I am demonstrating to them what it looks like to pursue your dreams
  • Have a few versions of an elevator pitch for different situations
  • Practice out loud for responses to people who have challenging reactions 
  • In 2020, I found an old journal from where I had outlined my dream week
  • I cried when I realized that my schedule at the time was almost identical 
  • Get clear on what you want instead of why you are unsatisfied
  • You can download the Dream Week manifesting worksheet in the show notes
  • I am opening a free community off of social media July 1st 
  • The link will be with the July Spirit Messages
  • It starts with a five-day Spirit Guide Challenge


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