Planning to Go All In on Your Spiritual Business: Part One

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I want to thank you for all of your kind words about the June Spirit Messages! It really means a lot to me because I showed up at a time when I typically would have retreated. My transparency is always met with love and I will continue to thank you for listening.

This week’s topic is something I get asked about a lot, especially in the Spirit School Collective, my monthly membership community. Many of you ask me how to create a “corporate escape plan” to leave your jobs! I will share some of the things that I did to prepare when I left my corporate career to pursue mediumship and teaching full-time. 


In this episode:

  • I had no intention of leaving, just a knowing that I would enjoy my days more doing this work
  • I began immersing myself in content and podcasts about the corporate escape
  • Not everyone has the privilege and access I had to make this transition the way I did it
  • I had been building my audience for years and my husband also has a full-time income
  • For offline, I recommend getting involved in your community and even booking a local space
  • My business started with referrals from clients and one Saturday a month
  • You can build an online audience off or on social media
  • On social media, choose a platform you like such as Instagram, Facebook or TikTok
  • Off social media would be your newsletter, podcast or YouTube channel etc.
  • Vanity metrics like the number of followers doesn’t determine if you get booked
  • I have treated my online presence as a development blog, sharing my experiences
  • It is important to start this now, so you have people to sell to when you make the leap
  • I had a small but engaged audience of about 1500 followers when I went full-time
  • There are some unattainable figures for how much savings to have to leave your job
  • The amount you need to feel safe is personal and is something to figure out
  • There are a lot of resistances that come up when you start considering leaving
  • The external resistances were the consistency and benefits of corporate 
  • Behind the layers, the root of the resistance was the fear of losing my house
  • Calling out my fear out loud on my commute took the power away from it
  • Doing it part-time brings clarity around what structure works for your goals
  • Another tip is to apply for whatever credit you can get with your full-time employment
  • Giving yourself specific timelines is exhausting and will make you feel like you’re failing
  • You will know when it’s time, so be flexible and remember there is no rush
  • On paper, it was not a good time when I left, but my podcast blew up and people were reaching out
  • I hadn’t considered teaching online but I followed the lead of what my audience asked for



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