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I participated in Phonic Fiction Fest this year, which was put on by Cole Weavers of The Town Whispers and our very own Nathan Lunsford of The Storage Papers. Teams were to be given a random horror genre, a line, and a sound effect that were mandatory to use for all submissions. My team (Team Kooky – see Team Roles below) was assigned Horror Comedy, and this was our end product. I thought you would enjoy some additional Halloween Bonus content! For more information about Phonic Fiction Fest and to listen to all 25 entries, CLICK HERE.


A couple on the verge of divorce takes their therapist up on her offer to book an Airbnb in the country for the weekend to try and iron out their differences. Complications ensue when they find that they’ve inexplicably double-booked the house with a serial killer in the process of dismembering a victim.


Language, gory sound effects, frequent insults about model trains, Philly accents, blood, death, mutilation, improper usage/pronunciation of medical terms, puns.




  • Jeremy Enfinger (he/him/his): Team Leader, Writer, Director, Actor (True Crime Podcast Narrator), Assembly of Vocal Takes, Cover Art @WeirdoJeremy
  • Joshua Alkema (he/they): Writer, Transcription @ThePhoenix713
  • Skyler Giordano (He/Him): Sound Design Arrangement, Composer, Voice of Serial Killer and Zombie, Additional Writing, Cover Art @SkylerGiordano
  • Graham Capobianco (He/Him): Post Production Engineer @grahamalogue
  • Nate Davis (He/Him): Actor (Derek) and Writer @nat_davs
  • Alexandra Paige Levine (she/her): Actor (Kelly) and Writer @ohsofabulex


  • Horror-comedy (Third Place)
  • LGBTQIA+ – Creator
  • Marginalized Gender Identity – Creator
  • Original Music
  • Original Art (Third Place)

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