PEARL / MY HEART CAN’T BEAT UNLESS YOU TELL IT TO: Family First (ft. Joseph Hernandez)

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This month, we’re joined by Joseph Hernandez, actor and festival programmer at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival and South By Southwest, to discuss the blurry lines between familial obligation and unhealthy codependent relationships.

Do you like vampires? We do. But this isn’t your old school Hollywood Dracula, as Thomas’ nosferatitus is treated as a serious illness and strain on his siblings who now must murder on his behalf, in Jonathan Cuartas’ MY HEART CAN’T BEAT UNLESS YOU TELL IT TO (2020). Meanwhile, some hundred years prior and in the middle of the Spanish flu epidemic of World War I, Pearl finds herself trapped on her family farm and longing to be a star. But it’s not about what she wants: it’s about making the best of what she has. Mia Goth leads the Ti West-directed PEARL (2022).

Are these relationships abuse? Is there hope for our protagonists to break free? When is it okay to let a family member go? What’s with Joe’s Jigsaw impression? Find out in the latest Cadaver Dogs ep!

00:07:18 – My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To

00:46:47 – Pearl

01:15:08 – Comparisons

01:29:24 – Bone Reviews

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“Co-Dependency,” by Mental Health America

If you are currently in an abusive relationship and are looking for assistance, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline:

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Cover art by Omri Kadim. Theme by Adaam James Levin Areddy. Music featured in this episode: Meh by Monplaisir, Imagine a New Darker You by The Tower of Light.