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On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about the great imposter, Willie Campbell aka Paul McCartney aka Faul McCartney aka Billy Shears! Thats right, some people say that Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1966 and he was replaced by a look a like found on an American Bandstand competition.

This fake Paul or ‘Faul’ was put into the Beatles to replace Paul McCartney and continue the goliath musical power quartet that was The Beatles. Throughout their catalog of work, The Beatles have tried to communicate this fact to us. They have tried to tell us through backwards masking hidden lyrics into songs like Let It Be saying ‘He is Dead’ when played backwards on a record player, to blatantly waving clues in our faces on album covers like Sgt Peppers and Abbey Road.

Are these coincidences or did the remaining Beatles try to tell us what they were forced to do by British intelligence to keep The Beatles a money making machine or was it their idea and they were just hedging their bets in case they got caught. We talk about the night Paul ‘died’ and the provisions that were put in place to make his replacement as realistic as possible. We also talk about the other Beatles and their guilt ridden messages and he subsequent demise of The Beatles as we knew them.

From falling out in India to recording studio fights, was it Yoko Onos influence or the fake Pauls audacity to behave like the real Paul McCartney that broke up The Beatles? Could Pauls children be the DNA key to finding the true identity of the man we now call Paul? Could his ex-wife hold some clue as to who this Paul actually is and was she a CIA handler for a fake Paul? Or was this all a big media hype about one of the oct famous men in the world to explain the Beatles tragic breakup?


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