Paranormal XL podcast

Hosted ByS.Bassett

Paranormal XL podcast is about paranormal happenings and events. We will get into all things paranormal. Ghosts all the way to Aliens. We will take you along on adventures in ghost hunting and our discussions on paranormal from all sides of the spectrum.

Part 2 Spiritualism in Paranormal

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Episode 7 is Part 2 of Spiritualism in Paranormal.  We cover declaration of principles, origins, the 11 laws, even into the history of Reiki.  Short discussion on orbs and what they mean in paranormal. Two Home Town Horror stories that are interesting.  Write in your stories, questions, and ideas.  Paranormal Investigations coming soon! Facebook Page: Paranormal XL *link to get a Paranormal XL crew shirt is in the Facebook page

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