PART 1 – OceanGate The Titan – An Implosive Tragedy

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Good evening legends!!!

In today’s episode, which is a multi-part episode, we’re going to explore the Ocean Gate TITAN, and the tragedy that befall the 5 crew members. Namely we’ll be exploring:

1. Start of the Expedition and the driving force of WHY do what they did?
2. Who was Stockton Rush?
3. The controversy prior to the ship failure!
4. The warnings pitched regarding the Titan!
5. Who were each of the 4 people brought onboard to the ship?
6. Why did it fail and How badly did it fail
7. Who didn’t go and why?
8. What have we learned?

I hope you really enjoy this episode, and I spent a lot of time collecting the research needed to support my theories, understandings, and information circulated in the media as quotes, and design principles.

Let me know your thoughts, and my sympathy only goes out for those taken by the awful voyage.

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