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Episode 58 Paranormal & Paranoid News #6: Holly updates us on the Bigfoot hunt, learns to play a haunted guitar, and is attacked by Carol’s alien hand. 


Alien Hand Syndrome: Alien Hand Syndrome: The Possibility Of Getting Killed by Your Own Hand | Alien Hand Syndrome sees woman attacked by her own handAlien Hand Syndrome • Damn Interesting | It’s Alive, Alien Hand Syndrome 

Home Exorcisms: Real estate company offering home exorcisms – Mystery Wire   

BigFoot Hunt Update: Oklahoma Bigfoot Hunting License Update – the Reward Just Got Bigger, But … 

Zak Bagans Haunted Guitar: Zak Bagans Buys $666 ‘Satanic Six String’ Haunted Guitar That Supposedly Killed a Teen

The After Life Essays: Robert Bigelow: Is There Life After Death? | Bigelow Institute

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From episode 51 Creepy Camping Stories:

  1. What two stories did Carol say were for Holly?
  2. What was the name of the outdoor school Holly went to as a kid?

The first two people who respond with the correct answer will win a camping mug! Good Luck!