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Paranormal Investigation at Lower Fort Garry Part 3 Finale!
Today’s Episode is the Final Part 3 of our Paranormal Investigation we took part of at the infamously haunted Lower Fort Garry with Kristin (Ghost Hostess with the Mostess), Owner/Operator of Square Peg Tours.
For this nail biting conclusion we again talk with other people partaking in the investigation and they tell us their own experiences with their HAUNTED HOUSES and paranormal occurrences in the Greater Winnipeg City.
For time length, portions of Part 3 were edited down from the 1 hour 50 minutes originally recorded so be assured Kirsten did everything right to give the spirits adequate time to respond to her questions. However, because the most activity happened in the ‘Jail’ at Lower Fort Garry – no editing was done. Have a listen to see if you can hear any unearthly voices, sounds or spirits. The Table Tipping literally has Jas pinned to her seat as you can hear the table legs bending, scrapping against the concrete floor and spirit making the table vibrate !!! Don’t miss this creepy episode!!
On the heels of the wildly popular ‘Get the **BEEEEEP** Out of my House’ they are looking for stories and want to hear from YOU!!!! Please share the the Ghost Love and contribute a story! Everything under the Paranormal Sun in Haunted Winnipeg and Manitoba! Jas and Sher, Your Audio Curators will be cooking up more episodes in the paranormal cauldron they call the PodLounge this week!.
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