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So you always hear encounter stories from people's homes, vacation spots, specific encounters at locations but believe it or not one place that paranormal encounters or bizarre supernatural situations occur can be at work. With that in mind we searched the inter webs and did research trying to find encounter stories that occurred at work! We did not get disappointed. Hear stories from park rangers, medical personnel, airplane mechanic and so much more! We even throw in a couple of our own encounter stories. Including a guy who Megan was pretty sure was shape shifting and a crazy lady trying to bless her stomach while pregnant. Some of these stories are pretty intense and will leave you with your mouth open! It's crazy you can experience the paranormal anywhere…this episode is proof of it!

Digging the new entrance music? Make sure to check out the awesome band we got the amazing privilege of using one of their songs for our new intro and outro music. The band is called Mauldin and you can check them out on Spotify as well as Instagram at @_mauldin_. The song is called Stacey Dahl but they have tons of other really cool music! 

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