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Episode 72: Paranormal & Paranoid News #13 with Connor Flynn

Summary: Carol takes a step in the wrong direction when she confronts mysterious staircases in the woods and then time travels via Tik Tok to 2027 Valencia Spain to look for signs of life. Then cryptid expert Connor Flynn joins to discuss his books, film and all things Bigfoot!

Credits: Stairs In The Woods Phenomenon Explained With Details & ListAsk 13: Stairway in the WoodsStairs in the forest : Missing411 | The Next “Stairs In The Woods” Chronicle/Linked-Phenomena Found On Reddit… : stairsinwoods |   Lone staircases out in the woods – Unexplained Mysteries and Paranormal -Unexplained phenomena, UFOs, aliens, paranormal, prophecies, secret societies, mysterious objects and places, conspiracies – Page 48 Stairs in the Woods that can Raise Your Anxiety Level | Strange Cases of Mysterious Stairs in the Wilderness That Lead to Nowhere | Stairs in the woods? : Paranormal | Viral TikTok ‘Time Traveler’ Shows Creepy Images from the ‘Future’ | ‘Time traveller from 2027’ explains how he became ‘trapped’ in parallel world | TikTok Time Traveler: Viral Lone Survivor Video Channel Explained | Who Is the TikTok Time Traveler? Creators Have Many Questions        

Time Traveler Javier on TIKOK link: TikTok de Único Sobreviviente (@unicosobreviviente) | Mira los últimos videos de Único Sobreviviente en TikTok  

Connor Flynn: AKA Bigfoot Anonymous


Connor’s Books- Erie Swamps: Roadtrip to Eden: Flynn, Connor: 9798563934382 | Monsters and Mysteries: Around the Corner (His Story Rewinds) | Big Brother, Bigfoot: Flynn, Connor: 9798563936089

Zillafoot (2019) blu-ray