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Just try and padlock this toe, I DARE YOU!

Welcome weirdos to another episode of KEEP IT WEIRD- your go-to podcast for all things strange and unusual and this week is FULL OF BONES! Literally. Well, not literally.

Lauren starts us off with some CURSED CROONERS & SPOOKY SONGS! This time she’s covering what is known as the My Way Murders– a string of at least 12 violent acts that took place during the singing of My Way by Frank Sinatra at karoake. Yeah, you read that right.

Ashley swings in with a horrific TRUE CRIME TIME, discussing the strange death of Ryan Stallings and the conviction and sentencing of his own mother Patricia Stallings – who would have spent the rest of her life in prison if not for a good samaritan watching an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

Whew, that one is tough, so Lauren shares some WEIRD NEWS with us. Back in June over 400 vampires were found buried in Poland. Well, not real vampires. But definitely people suspected of being vampires! Or maybe they WERE real vampires…

And don’t worry, we’ve still got MORE BONES coming because Ashley finishes off the episode by introducing us to SKELETON LAKE! Of course thats just a nickname, the lake’s real name is Roopkund and it’s in the middle of the Himalayas. A small lake filled with an estimated 300-800 bodies.. and no one knows how they got there…

 Woof, that’s a lot to handle in one hour. Luckily we’ve had some tequila to help get you (and us) through it.

Check out some links below if you want to do more reading on the subjects discussed in this episode.

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