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An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind…or does it? Does seeking revenge always lead to an endless cycle of continuous harm? Or are there instances where it’s necessary? Today I’ll be sharing stories from people who have been the target of supernatural retribution. While listening, I want you to keep the following questions in mind: Do you think the victim deserved what came to them? Do you think the victim has the right to fight back? First, I read the story of a young girl who angered a land spirit. Next, I recount the story of a man attacked by a nocturnal creature. Then, I tell the tale of a young person who was cursed. Next, curandero Jason Lindo shares a story of a feiticeira defending her daughter. And finally, I narrate the account of a witch who got in over his head with love magick. Thank you Magic Spoon for sponsoring this episode!
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