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For over a century, people have been leaving the forests of Sumatra, Indonesia telling tales of a short bipedal ape with human-like features. It’s named the Orang Pendek. Despite many sightings and internationally funded expeditions to find the creature, no tangible proof of has been captured to date. With mass deforestation taking place, some worry it could be eradicated before we even have the chance to study it. Interviews include Alex Schlegel, member of a National Geographic camera trapping team, Jeremy Holden, a photographer, naturalist, and Orang Pendek witness, and Dally Sandradiputra, cryptozoologist who lives in Indonesia, speak about the efforts to research this unique animal.

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Hosted by Ray Tarara

Written & Produced by R.J. Blake and Ray Tarara

Theme music by Terra Monk

Additional Music By

Sergey Cheremisinov

Arrington de Dionyso, with Gombloh and Gamelan Gandrun Lombok

Additional Stock media provided by Sodabelly, odergh, MarvinUrias,HaeguMusic, frumpiemonkey, DFIX, A35_SOUND from Pond5.

A special thanks to Banyak Films for allowing us to sample audio from their documentary Man of the Forest.

Special Guest:

Alex Schlegel – http://www.orangpendek.org/

Jeremy Holden – Fauna and Flora, Jeremy Holden’s Rainforest Diary

Dally Sandradiputra – http://dallynfriends-adventure.com/