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The Expanded Perspectives podcast is a weekly show about ancient history, alternative history, cryptozoology, UFOs, time slips, serial killers, the paranormal, trolls and fey folk, legends, myths and dark historical tales that spark the imagination. Each episode offers an immersive audio experience that brings up more questions than answers. Join Kyle and Cam each week as they explore the unknown and perhaps expand your perspective….for more information go to www.expandedperspectives.com

On the Border

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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how they have been enjoying their summer starting with celebrating the 4th of July, fireworks, swimming and grilling. They talk about Kyle’s love of corn and watching M. Night Shyamalan movies. Then, they get into the news where a person named K.M. witnessed what looked like a giant Pterosaur flying over Wheaton, Illinois. The witness noticed a strange form flying in the sky at an altitude of approximately 200 feet. The profile was that of a Pterosaur, in particular the long tail with a ‘spade’ on the end. The head was indistinguishable because of the angle, but the wings were wide and similar to the classic form. The creature was dark in color and propelled itself with slow deliberate wing flaps. Then, a person had a strange skin walker sighting in Northwestern Arizona. The witness was a child and was playing near a creek with some G.I. Joe toys when they encountered something strange in the woods.

After the break Cam talks about paranormal events experienced by the U.S. Border patrol. When Rocky Elmore joined the United States Border Patrol, he knew it would be a journey fraught with danger. But little did he know that the very real trails he walked night after night would soon lead him into surreal encounters from a different dimension. This was never more evident than when the ghost of a recently fallen fellow agent began to appear on top of the cliff from which he died. It marked the beginning of the end to one of the most bizarre series of events in the history of the U.S. Border Patrol.

All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!
Show Notes:

Pterosaur Observed in Wheaton, Illionois
My Skinwalker Experiences
Out On Foot: Nightly Patrols and Ghostly Tales of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent

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Songs Used:

Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin
Evening Sun
Sweet Long Life

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