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Rejoice, lovely listeners! In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Mat Dragonstone, astrologer, Tarot reader, astro-mage, all round nice guy. This is part two of our discussion on Agrippa, and you should definitely listen to part one on Mat’s podcast before listening to this one.

Our discussion begins with a conversation about two logical fallacies: the appeal to antiquity, and the appeal to novelty. We look at how these fallacies influenced Agrippa’s work in Three Books of Occult Philosophy, but that’s not all! We also discuss how these fallacies may be impacting today’s magicians and practitioners, and then look at ways to mitigate the confusion and wrong-turns this appeal could take. This involves a discussion of post-modernism and Jaques Derrida, which Dr. Dragonstone is well-equipped to handle because his PhD is a real honest-to-gosh philosophy degree!

This is a fascinating episode, and we only had mild internet troubles that I managed to almost completely edit around. Grab a caffeinated beverage for this one!


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