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In this episode of ‘Believe Night Shift,’ Kade dives into paranormal, cryptid and UFO stories shared by the listener community. The live broadcast invites callers to share their unexplainable encounters, including personal experiences with UFO sightings in Canberra and a shaking structure possibly caused by a Yowie. Kade discusses the new portrait format for live streaming, the decision to make live shows publicly accessible, and the introduction of the crypticfiles.org website — a community-driven platform for sharing paranormal encounters. The show also teases an upcoming documentary titled ‘Dark Truths,’ promising a high-quality exploration of paranormal activity in Australia.

02:56 Spotlight on CrypticFiles.org: A New Platform for Paranormal Communities

09:58 Listener Call-In: UFO Encounter in Canberra

16:47 Exploring the Paranormal: A Mysterious Disappearance

26:18 Exploring the Mystery of the Disappearing Highway Ghost

26:48 Reflecting on Past Episodes and Listener Participation

27:12 A Spooky Encounter and the Pillager Princess Vibes

28:11 Call-in Technicalities and Encouraging More Participation

28:43 Amy’s Return: UFOs, Quinkens, and Paranormal Experiences

29:31 A Yowie Encounter Reenacted: Psychic Insights and Iron Man Poses

34:29 Camping Adventures and a Near Miss with a Yowie

40:25 Suburban Yowie Sightings and the Paranormal Connection

45:43 Closing Thoughts and Looking Forward to Future Episodes

Learn more here: https://crypticfiles.org/

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