Night Shift #64 Yowie Encounters Galore! (Member Preview)

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In this live call-in episode, Kade takes calls from a myriad of participants who share their strange and unexplained stories. These involve encounters with entities believed to be Yowie and Paranormal activities that have occurred uniquely around Canberra and New South Wales. In addition to the callers’ stories, the host introduces the newly launched Cryptid Files, a worldwide map for showcasing various encounters. The map functions as a free and community-run database that caters significant encounter types including Yowies, UFOs, Paranormal, and more.

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Believe: Night Shift – Australia’s only Paranormal & UFO talk-back radio show!

Broadcasting live from the glorious Eastern Coast of Australia to the darkest corner of your greatest fears.

Prepare yourself for terrifying tales of Yowies, UFOs, ghosts, paranormal anomalies and much more, nothing is impossible, and nothing is off limits!

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