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Episode Notes


One week before deployment on Tefen, the Herodotus Task Force ring in the New Year while aboard the starship delivering them to their Season 1 fates. Over the course of the two acts you will witness dancing, singing, drinking and gambling, but you will also be privy to a number of intimate personal moments and conversations that will reveal more of the inner lives of the characters you’ve come to love and hate (and some you haven’t even met yet). What are Kathy and Harry up to? Can Adrienne and Celia keep the poker game civil or will their fellow players end up at each others throats? Will Ben even leave his quarters? You’ll have to listen to see…

Alcohol Consumption – Several characters take part in a drinking game (40:55 – 43:17)

Gambling/Poker – Several characters get set up for a poker game (46:58 – 50:10)

Death/Grief – There are allusions to Ben’s personal tragedy and the impact it has had on him (37:48 – 39:32)

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Episode Transcript


Kathy – Jordan Cobb @inkphemeral

Laura – Lindsey Dorcus @LindseyDorcus

Adrienne – Julia Eve @juliaeve_voice

Ben – Chris Magilton @chrismagilton

Gordon – Graham Rowat @GrahamNY

Celia – Shakira Searle

Harry – Sam Nguyen @Raethr_VO

Janine – Lucille Valentine @severelytrans

Logan/Gallini – Dylan Chambers @D33DAA

Harris – Anthony Morales @TonyrayVA

Jensen – Whitney Johnson @EditrixW

Hudson – Tarek Esaw @TarekEsawVO

Klymenko – Andrey Dragovich @AndreyDragovich

Remy – Edwyn Tiong @Omahdon

McPhee/The Computer – Devin Madson @DevinMadson

Theme musics “Patience” and “Pandemonium” by Oliver Morris @oliverrmorris

“Hot Swing”, “Virtutes Instrumenti”, “District Four” and “Trio for Piano, Cello and Clarinet” by Kevin Macleod – http://www.incompetech.com
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

The following pieces were licensed via Motion Array

“You Gotta Have Fun” by Rattlesnake

“Pulsing Energy” by Rollerbird

“Club Passion” by Biofunky Music

“Party Time” by Hot Sunset

This episode was written and produced on the stolen land of the Dja Dja Wurrung people. We acknowledge their elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty was never ceded.