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Jeremy plays a recording where a suspect is apparently being interviewed by the police on New Year’s Eve of 2016. Are the interviewers really police? What crime is the suspect being accused of? And how is “ramen” pronounced?

This episode features a special guest star: Virginia Spotts (she/they). Virginia can be found on Twitter @VirginiaSpotts, and you should definitely check out their excellent audiodrama: The Sheridan Tapes.

Production Update: We’re hard at work on Season 5 and will be moving into the recording stage soon! In the meantime…Happy New Year!

CONTENT WARNINGS: Gore, violence, and intense sequences


  • Writing and production by Nathan Lunsford
  • Virginia Spotts as Alex Wren
  • Nathan Lunsford as Detective Ash Duchovny
  • Jeremy Enfinger as Detective Robin Skelly


MUSIC: “TSP XMAS” by Cody Ditzenberger

ABOUT: The Storage Papers is a fictional horror audio drama with regular season episodes published every two weeks. Some topics may be sensitive for younger listeners. Transcripts and content warnings can be found on our website. For additional details, visit:


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