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There’s a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE on February 15th & 16th and this means HIGH SPIRITUAL & MANIFESTATION ENERGY!

And it’s opening doorway to your Higher Consciousness. When this happens the veil thins, and the manifestation energy increases. Here are some things you might be experiencing.

1) It’s will affect your Dreams: Heightened Spiritual Energy means dreams will be more vivid. 

When we dream we “naturally” tune in and connect. The veil is very thin right now, and a thinning veil will cause your dreams to be intense, and vivid. Most common types of dreams right now are:

2) Energy is intensified. – ALL ENERGY. 

If you are a sensitive person, you’re really going to notice this, especially Empaths. If you’re not…well you’re probably still going to notice this. LOL!

3) Creativity is off the charts! 

You might be experiencing being more creative, or having the urge to move your life in a more creative direction.

4) Manifestation energy is more powerful than I’ve ever seen it. – It’s craziness.

It’s like manifestation energy on steroids. You might see opportunities forming right before your eyes. Problems resolving themselves. Ideas appearing out of know where (as if to be guided by “spirit energy”).


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