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There’s a new moon coming and it’s time to sage your soul! This new moon is coming to clear and cleanse your spiritual house…and that’s a good thing.

However, leading up to the new moon you might be feeling a little stressed. This is natural, because your spiritual body is allowing all the stuff you need to clear, and let go of, to surface. When old “stuff” begins to surface, you may not have thoughts that come with it, you might just have “feelings” that surface, causing you to feel stressed, worried, anxious, and even a little bit afraid. 

You may be thinking about how you need to change your life, or you may even feel like you’re not getting anywhere in life. That you’re just stuck! 

But the new moon is going to help you clear all that energetic junk that’s surfacing out of the way. And just in time…because it’s all part of a bigger process. It’s preparing you to pursue your dreams…

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