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NARADA AUDIO DRIVE-IN #2 (SPECIAL FEATURE) (LANGUAGE) Welcome to Episode 2 of the Narada Audio Drive-In, the Pulp-Pourri Theatre Season Four Extra! In this special new format, we will present a triple-feature with every installment! So park your car, prop the speaker in the window, sit back, and enjoy the show! We’ve included some historic recordings from drive-in movies for your entertainment. THIS EPISODE’S FEATURES: The Consumer Review: Just in time for Christmas, our consumer reviewer, Armhurst Suyderhoud, brings to our attention a child’s plaything with potential hazards, Jake Dimes, Range Detective – Chapter 2: “Taming the Man-Killer” and Pulp-Pourri Theatre: “Black Roses”, a study in terror. Written by Mark Slade. A group of friends and thieves steal a valuable object and unleash an ancient creature, who is rather hungry. Narada Radio Company