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Mirror Mirror on the Wall!  Please don’t show me a haunted doll!

Welcome to another episode of KEEP IT WEIRD- your one stop shop for all things strange and unusual!

This week we are answering the universe’s most unusual question… what the f*ck is going on with mirrors?!

What if you could replace all of your pill bottles full of anxiety and depression meds and just look into a mirror for a few minutes a day?  What if you could see your past self and heal your trauma?  What if you could travel to another dimension?

It may sound crazy, but “crazy” is our middle name so buckle up!  This week we are diving into all things reflective as Ashley teaches us about the Kozyrev Mirror experiments from the 1950s & the 1990s wherein physicists placed hundreds of subjects into a device that not only opened up their third eye but also caught the eye of extraterrestrials!  We’re also going to touch on the Chronovisor, a smiliar experimental device created by a priest, a physicist and a Nazi scientist that supposedly showed them the actual crucifixion of Christ that is being held at the Vatican, never to be seen again. 

Don’t worry, Lauren brings us back to reality with some TRUE CRIME TIME as we look into the unsolved Tara Leigh Calico missing persons case and we question whether or not the famous photo of the two bound children helped or hindered the investigation.  

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