Mysteries and Monsters:Episode 87 Allison Jornlin

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This week, it’s a warm welcome back to the show for Allison Jornlin.

Allison has just launched a new YouTube channel, Paranormal Women: A Hidden History focusing on some of the paranormal trailblazers that perhaps don’t get the credit they deserve or may even have fallen off the paranormal radar.

As such, Allison is shining a light on some of the paranormal world’s most iconic women over the last two centuries. We discuss the legendary Catherine Crowe, a woman who wrote one of the outstanding paranormal collections of the 19th century, the incredible “The Night Side of Nature” in 1848.

A collection of paranormal research, witness testimony and investigation, her book set the template for paranormal research today and has always been one of my favourite researchers.

We also discuss the incredible force of nature that was Alexandra David-Neel, a former opera singer who discovered Buddhism and embraced it to such an extent that her knowledge changed the whole way it was viewed in the Western world. From creating Tulpa’s and sneaking into forbidden territories, nothing seemed too much for David-Neel to achieve. She was  also an anarchist, ran a casino and adopted a Buddhist monk.

We also talk about the author, Zora Neal Hurston, the woman who brought the world of Voodoo and Zombies into popular culture but also saw her career take such a nosedive, most of her personal possessions were burned after she died.

These three women are titans in the history of the paranormal and yet most people haven’t even heard of any of them.

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A big thank you to Allison for joining me today.

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