Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 70 Richard Freeman

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It’s a warm welcome back to British Cryptozoologist Richard Freeman! On this episode, we dive in to the world of giant animals across the world that have been reported by numerous witnesses. 

We look at cases involving sightings of giant Sharks, giant Lizards, Saltwater Crocodiles, Alligators, Boa Constrictors, Rock Pythons and Anaconda’s going back centuries. It seems that plenty of people have seen enormous creatures still hiding out in the corners of the world. 

We look at the legendary Gustave, the Nile crocodile who lives in Burundi and one of the most notorious maneaters in the world. Alleged to have killed at least 300, Gustave’s reputation is known the world over. 

We examine the capture of Lolong and the enigmatic Potol, known as the king of the crocodiles as well as Komodo Dragons and monsterous lizards in the Pacific We travel the globe looking for giants from several countries, the stories, the legends and wonder if there are still such monsters to be discovered when the evidence suggests that there is a real possiblility there are still wonders to discover.

We’ll try to not give you nightmares but we can’t promise you’ll sleep well after this conversation.

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