Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 271 The Shape Of Things To Come From Elsewhere with Chris Evers

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For many, the term UFO is synonomous with the the term Flying Saucer but for many witnesses and experiencers, they see anything but a flying saucer.

From the infamous Black Triangles, Flaming Crosses, Boomerangs and even Cigars shaped craft, the sky is indeed the limit in regards to the shapes of sighted craft in the heavens above us.

Joining me to discuss his new book “The Shape of Things to Come From Elsewhere” is one of British Ufology’s leading lights, Chris Evers.

With an interest peaked through a sighting as a teenager in East Yorkshire, Chris has been investigating, researching, writing and holding conferences about UFO’s for 50 years.

He joins me to discuss his book and some of the unusual craft seen in our skies from around the world.

Chris’s site can be found here:

The book can be found here:

Thank you to Chris for joining me on the show.

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