Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 240 The Denbigh Lights with Gari Jones

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It’s the beginning of 2012 in Denbigh, North Wales and one family are about to have a start to the new year they could never have predicted.

A stormy night sees a teenage boy look into the street after a noise catches his attention only for a strange series of lights to pull his attention to the sky. Having the wherewithal to grab a camera and wake the rest of his family up, all four witness the lights for several minutes with footage to match.

Yet, many are unaware of this case but thankfiully researcher, investigator and author Gari Jones has documented the family’s account on top of the initial work done by local investigator Peter Glynn.

Just what did the family see that night and why is this case still on the periphery of British ufology?

The book can be found here:

The documentary is here: 

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