Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 237 The Chilling with Lindsey Brisbine

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Kent, Ohio may not strike you as place full of haunted locations but it certainly seems to be somewhere where the supernatural lurk behind the facades of normality.

Haunted houses are never as obvious as the entertainment industry likes to portray and my guest today knows that better than most.

When Lindsey Brisbine and her room mates needed a three bedroom house whilst at university, the only property the could find seemed perfect yet all was not what it seemed.

Within days of moving in, strange things began to happen that would challenge Lindsey and her friends in every part of their lives for 12 months. Lindsey has catalogued a whole range of phenomena in her amazing podcast The Chilling.

You can find the show here:

Thank you to Lindsey for joining me to cover her incredible case.

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