Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 206 Demonic Foes with Dr Richard Gallagher

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One subject causes more friction in the world of the supernatural more than any other; Possession.

Cultures and religions throughout history and all across the world can point to examples in both the written word and their oral traditions yet in the modern era, possession is often dismissed as mass hysteria, religious propaganda or mental illness.

Yet, Dt Richard Gallagher, a professor of psychiatry at New York Memorial and pyschoanalyst at Colombia University isn’t so sure it should be so easily dismissed.

In his book. Demonic Foes, Dr Gallagher lifts the lid on his work in this field over the last 30 years and is now considered the leading scientific expert on possession. We discuss some of the cases he has been involved in over this period along with his medical expertise in verifying just what makes these rare cases genuine.

A big thank you to Dr Gallagher for joining me on the show.

Dr Gallaghers book can be found here:

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