Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 179 The Boogeyman Chronicles with M G Stephens

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Around the world, many places are thought of as haunted; from houses, hotels, hospitals and even underground train stations. 

Yet could a person actually be haunted? Could you find yourself in a situation that it didn’t matter where you live, what you do or who you have around you something always finds a way to reach out from the otherside.

My guest today is M.G. Stephens, a woman who has lived a remarkabl life, surrounded by entities. She joins me to discuss her new book, “Th Boogeyman Chronicles.

In M.G’s book, the families struggles, encounters and experiences are chronicled over the last 40 years  and cover some very disturbing encounters.

A big thank you to M.G. for joining me this week,

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All artwork by Dean Bestall and the show was produced by Brennan Storr of the Ghost Story Guys.

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