Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 151 Peach State Monsters with David Weatherly

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It’s a warm welcome back to David Weatherly to discuss his latest publication in his Monsters of North America series as we head down to the South East state of Georgia. 

We cover a wide mix of strange creatures of land and sea. We meet the fearsome Hogzilla, which made world wide headlines back in 2004 after being shot and killed by a hunter, take a trip to the town of Darien on the banks of the Altamaha to meet Altie, the local water monster who has startled and surprised many of the residents. 

There’s also a couple of contrasting Bigfoot stories from both ends of the belief spectrum, from a notorious hoax from 2008 to some creepy encounters at a farm in the mid-90s. We also look at a strange case from the late 19th century of something stealing pigs, legends of swamp dwelling giants and the curious case of the  Werewolf of Talbot County. 

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A big thank you as always to David for his time, company and conversation. 

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All artwork by Dean Bestall and the show was produced by Brennan Storr of the Ghost Story Guys.   

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