Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 119 Charles Christian

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It’s been a while since we dove into the world of Folklore but when you have an area steeped in unusual legends, mysteries and of course, monsters on your doorstep its hard to resist.

Author and researcher, Charles Christian joins me today to examine the weird and wonderful history of an area known as the Wold Newton Triangle, an area hardly known in the UK, never mind Yorkshire.

The Wold Newton triangle lies between the ancient city of York and the coastal town of Scarborough, with its top edge pointing towards Flamborough Head. Inside this area we have monoliths and earthworks, the mysterious Gypsey Race river, said to foreshadow great misfortune across the globe, the site of the Wold Cottage meteorite which caused a sensation when it crashed to earth in 1795.

We also looke at the alleged skeleton of a dragon, killed by its greed and of course, its most notorious resident, the tale of Old Stinker, the UK’s resident werewolf and a case Charles has investigated thoroughly. A big thank you to Charles for taking us on a trip around this little known area and sharing his werewolf hunting exploits.

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