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Cian is joined by naturalist and wildlife photographer Neil Philips to discuss what makes British monsters different (and sometimes similar) from their international cousins (American monsters in particular). From the leafy woods surrounding the Wide Atlantic Weird bunker, they discuss the history of Nessie sightings, the Owlman of Mawnan, the Canvey Island Monster, and the incredibly bizarre Alien Big Cats phenomenon. It seems that even when these creatures ARE literally real, as some mysterious big cats turn out to be, the phenomena still inevitably develops a shroud of mysticism, fakery and blurry pictures that imitate the lore surrounding Bigfoot and other cryptids, confusing the issue. And the guys return to the confounding subject of the British Bigfoot, again delving into the murky world of a supposedly British monster that appears to have been copied wholesale from his transatlantic origin.

Remember, we want to believe – but only if the evidence is good enough!


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Bigfoot at Hanningfield Reservoir

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