MNMD #124: Singularity, Social Engineering, Project GR00T

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I was pleasured to jump on Monday Night MasterDebaters again with Mat T, Ryan Dean and Davey Wavey! You can listen to every MNMD on the Great Deception feed. Much thanks to Mat for always being a gracious host and be sure to check out Dangerous World & the Red Pill Cartel!

Welcome to Episode 124 of the Monday Night MasterDebaters where I am joined by Ryan from Dangerous World Podcast, Davey from the Red Pill Cartel Podcast and Joe from Legit Bat Pod. Another fun conversation where we talk about social engineering, US Foreshadows Russian terrorism, Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War doc, Favorite Show of All-Time (Price is Right, Firefly, Sopranos, South Park), Pick One Movie to watch for rest of life, music vs movies, Project GR00T, Sentient Beings, Time, Singularity, cannibalism, any game vs Donkey Kong World and much more.

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