Mitch The Orgone Donor | Tactical Orgone Energy Devices, Healing Our Atmosphere and Reverse Geo-Engineering The Desert

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Mitch The Orgone Donor, Environmental Alchemist, Orgone Innovator and Earth Healer, Joins me for a conversation about where this journey began for him, what he has realized and subsequently rethought since experimenting with Orgone, as well as how he is experimenting to re-harmonize our Earth’s complex energy field and weather system in a DIY Eco-Guerilla Fashion that I truly admire. We discussed the intricate story of Wilhelm Reich and how his scientific research and experimentation gave way to many developments in the understanding of organic energy versus what Reich saw as parasitic energy, Mitch explained the Numerous misconceptions about Wilhelm Reich especially his connection to or rather lack of a connection to what some refer to as Orgonite which in itself also carries with it several misconception, which Mitch was quick to dispel and remind us that what he creates are more properly known as Orgone Energy Devices, there are several varieties of these devices. Mitch helped us understand and identify the energy weapons that are most likely candidates for the overall depletion of organic energy or Orgone in our environment which come in the form of weather technologies as well as communications technologies. Mitch gave us tips on how to make an Orgone Device yourself and shared who inspired his journey into gifting orgonite in this Monkey Wrench Gang fashion. Learn more about Mitch here: also check out this source Mitch mentioned for more Orgone Resources:

Chance Garton from The InnerVerse Podcast joins me for an extended outro about this experience with Mitch’s Orgone Device’s as well as his thoughts on chemtrails, our harmonious or disharmonious environment and what we may do about it. Chance is a bright light and shed light on Magical Rings, The Physics of Orgone, Triopods in Arizona and so much else as usual, be sure to Sign up for Chance’s Patreon and Hit him up for an Auric Tuning Session &
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