Member Preview | 431: The Church From Hell

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In Episode 431: The Church From Hell we have Nick joining us for the third and final installment. He comes today to talk about how when he was released from prison he and his wife were essentially homeless. That is until a church volunteered their property for him and his wife to live at until they got back on their feet. A seemingly kind gesture turned into years of horror as Nick and his family learn that this church had some dark things happening within it. For one, this Christian church had witches in leadership so right off the bat there was a theological conflict. But then as they lived there they experienced orbs going through Nick’s body, alien-like beings inside the house, succubus encounters, skinwalker sightings, demons going after kids, Nick being picked up and thrown across the room, and even witch seances outside on the property. With the abuse Nick and his family endured, it’s safe to safe that this is literally the church from hell. 

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