Mega Episode – Poltergiest, Cursed Cliff, Revolt of Worms, Lone Ranger!

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Today’s episode see us cover four Old Time Radio stories – namely because my lungs / throat are still causing me issues, but I don’t want to leave you lovelies without an episode 💜so today I bring you:

1. Poltergeist: A Curse that haunts a party of women who meet a terrible curse with DIRE consequences.

2. Revolt of the Worms: A scientists passion and complacency leads to creatures that consume all that he loves….

3. The Cliff: An honest man falls into dishonest work, and their lover is lost in the madness of his consequences…

4. Best Laid Plans: The LONE RANGER is here, in today’s BEST LAID PLANS episode, I won’t ruin it for you, but the we get to see the true power of a quick draw!

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