Medical Intuition with Stacee Magee, Spirit Fluent

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Stacee Magee (Spirit Fluent)

This week’s guest, Stacee Magee, is TikTok famous for her incredible medical intuitive abilities. She has shared herself authentically on the platform and attracted many spiritual humans to follow her journey. I have been following her for quite awhile and we have become good friends. I’ve had three sessions with Stacee and am amazed by her accuracy! She will be teaching a medical intuitive intensive next year, so be sure to follow her if you’re interested in learning.


Stacy has many talents and abilities, so we only scratched the surface in this interview. From medical intuition to tattoo placements, the conversations we could have are endless! Stacee will be back on Spirit School to talk about her book on birthmarks next, in another episode.

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In this episode:

  • Stacee identifies as a psychic weirdo rather than any other title that has been given to her
  • She is a mom to seven children and has been married 22 years
  • “Who am I really” is a big question and she is a rainbow who sheds light to help people
  • Many of her children are spiritually gifted and she enjoys watching them change
  • Stacee is generous and offers free medical intuitive readings and healing circles
  • Generosity and healing are in her astrology and she identifies with the wounded healer
  • A near death awakening around age 35 set her on a healing path
  • Her business thrives on generosity and making sure others have access she didn’t
  • Giving and receiving can come in seasons instead of at the time time
  • There is a dichotomy of generosity between being surprised and disappointed
  • People offer to help with Spirit Fluent without asking for compensation
  • I love Stacee’s simple yet accurate approach to medical intuition
  • People thank her after free readings because they have helped doctors find issues 
  • One example was a lady experiencing headaches that ended up being a medical emergency
  • She states that she is not better than a doctor, but is connecting on many layers
  • Stacee described her ability as telekinesis and x-ray vision related to her autism
  • Sometimes it’s spirit or their higher self giving information and messages
  • She’s always had these abilities but didn’t understand them
  • Stacee was branded a hypochondriac because she could feel everyone else’s shit
  • I often feel like I am picking up on the ailments of my parents when I feel achy
  • Stacee recommends that you ask spirit if it’s yours or someone else’s
  • Thank them for the information and say process and release and/or touch a tree
  • Intuitive people’s auras are bigger and at one time we could all feel and understand each other
  • A medical study showed that Tylenol or Advil deceases empathy
  • Early in my development, I had a knowing not to take it before my sessions
  • In the spiritual space, people are afraid that medications will affect their abilities
  • Take care of your mental health and discern for yourself what feels right
  • I know of many mediums who can work fine with their medications
  • I recommend that students look at Stacee’s disclaimers and preparation for clients
  • She says her medical field experience and life coaching certification helped with intake
  • State your abilities and refer people for anything outside of that
  • Some things were added to the disclaimer after things went wrong
  • It’s important to have an emergency contact in case something happens on a call
  • Being trauma informed is important when dealing with sensitive topics in readings
  • Stacee shared a story about spirit urging her to share medical info at a farmer’s market
  • I don’t typically advise drive by readings, but this one seemed like divine intervention
  • Being in crowded places without shielding can be physically overwhelming
  • Stacee tries to go when it’s less crowded or collapses her aura down for protection
  • Her favourite readings are helping children with special needs communicate with parents
  • People in the healing arts are healing intergenerational money wounds
  • Healers used to be supported by the community, but now money is the exchange
  • Stacee has learned medical intuition from listening to spirit and clients’ bodies
  • Spirit leads her to resources for things she needs to learn
  • At a medical conference, a body scan indicated that people with tattoos leak energy
  • Stacee realized that tattoos are healing based on their placement 
  • Her dad was a naturopath and she learned about acupuncture points as a child
  • She began telling people what they were healing from their tattoo placements
  • My inner forearm tattoos mean healing from control and taking power back
  • This aligns with the cultural genocide of my Indigenous ancestors
  • I had a birthmark that disappeared and a new one appear this year 
  • Birthmarks are unhealed emotions from ancestors or past lives
  • My birthmark brought up the fact that I am a chronic worrier and need to trust my intuition
  • As spiritual people, we are aware of more things to be fearful of
  • We are in a human body to learn, and birthmarks may show why we have returned
  • Stacee will be teaching an intensive medical intuition course
  • Cheap certifications are not ethical, or inclusive of the experience needed