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MAY ENERGY REPORT: So this month’s been a little bit of a rough one. But here’s what’s happening in a nutshell…

* Fear

* Anxiety

* Opportunity

Because the low vibration is heavy right now, then couple that with the planetary alignment, you might find you feel a mess.

This months full moon will continue on pace with forcing you to “acknowledge and face” some of your deepest fears. It’s important, and necessary if you want to spiritually clean house. So you will find that:

* You might be experiencing more “fearful” dreams than normal. These dreams will be symbolic of worry and fear you are holding onto in your energetic field. So super important to pay attention to.

* You might wake up or find yourself stressing through out the day more than usual. Most likely as the day goes on you will find it was unnecessary. 

* You might be feeling exhausted, yet unable to sleep.

This is a good time to really truly ask yourself, “What am I most afraid of?” And say it out loud. Are you afraid of losing someone close, not having enough money, not being enough, not accomplishing something? Whatever it is, I’d like you to get it out into the Universe…it will help the process of diminishing this “fearful” energy as well as its power and grasp over you. And it’s super important if you want to step into the new moon energy…opportunity.

Lastly, I will also share tips on what I do in times of lunar craziness! Enjoy!

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