Matrix Film Analysis Pt 4: Revolutions Symbolism, Neo as the Gnostic Christ & False Worlds of Duality!

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We complete our analysis of the original Matrix trilogy films with the Matrix Revolutions! We’ll go through the whole story while looking at some of the ties to occult doctrine! Know Thyself, Order and Chaos, Logos, Machine City source of divinity, fate vs free will and more will be discussed as we look at Agent Smith’s attempt to become the harbinger of the apocalypse! We’ll wrap the whole Matrix story up in the conclusion with talk of Manichaeism, Gnosticism, Cathars and so much more- find out what the splinter in the mind truly is!! Your homework: Tell a friend who’s into The Matrix to check out the full episode list from this podcast’s Matrix series! I’ll post the episode index links below.


The Matrix Film Analysis Pt 1: Symbolism, Oracles and Neo as the Christ Figure!

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Matrix Film Analysis Pt 4: Revolutions Symbolism, Neo as the Gnostic Christ & False Worlds of Duality!

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