Marja West | Waking Up From The Matrix, Transurfing, and MK-Ultra Deactivation

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Marja West is a Trauma-Based Mind Control De-Activator, author, non-guru lineage Spiritual Teacher, Way-Show-er, Divine Love Agent Provocateur, Medical Intuitive, and Master Energy Healing Facilitator. Well-known for her often hilarious, disarming, and electrifying presentations, Marja’s teachings are practical reminders to engage and activate your Superpower of *Focus* to easefully allow the physical and conscious embodiment of Divinity as Grand Creators of Reality, outside of the Matrix. She joined me to discuss her escape from a crazy family situation, and how she has transformed herself and repositioned her self to a place where she can now help guide others out of similar traumas of their past. Support Marja here: and Marja West’s Book

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