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Is there a secret, clandestine organization inside the U.S. Government responsible for the identification, investigation, and obfuscation of all extra-terrestrial activity on Earth? If so, they’re called The Majestic 12 and were started back in the 40’s by Truman right around the time of Roswell. But, the theory has its skeptics – INCLUDING members of the very UFO community it calls home. Is it real or just an elaborate hoax to sell books? The H 51 I-Team gives you the answers this week (well, our opinions…but close enough). Plus, we completely agree with something MUFON says, C-Bot quotes something from this decade, and a clip from Fox News is played on the show (all of the above is true and no it isn’t April Fools!). All of that and more on the podcast that absolutely believes in government conspiracies, but only in the truly evil ones, and luckily we know the difference – Hysteria 51.

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