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Beyond Reality Paranormal, a conversation about the normal, the abnormal, the paranormal and everything in between hosted by JV Johnson and featuring Ghost Hunters' Jason Hawes.
Are ghosts real? Are extraterrestrials here? Does Bigfoot exist? Are the conspiracy theories legitimate? Join the search for answers as we venture into the space where reality ends, and Beyond Reality begins. Beyond Reality - a chatter of life and death. Support this podcast:

Long-term Effects of Covid-19, OBE & Remote Viewing – Frank Scurlock / Michael Telstarr – 040720

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In the first part of the program, Businessman Frank Scurlock discusses the Covid-19 aftermath & recovery. Later in the show, Escape Artist Michael Telstarr shares his out-of-body experiences & his contact with interdimensional beings.

Host – JV Johnson –

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