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Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst and Super Inframan for a listener stories episode. Topics include a bizarre encounter with a possible angel, holograms, sleep paralysis, experiences with the ghost of a dog, other dead pet phenomena, Biblical metaphysical and evolutionary insights on pets, psychopomps, a Jesus-like apparition in a child’s closet, a mechanical/robotic sleep paralysis incident, a “shadow cat”, an incident of unexplained knocking and scratching, micro-earthquakes, poltergeist activity, a vardoger experience, a bizarre incident with an old telephone in an apparently haunted trailer, stages of death prior to physical death, traumatic events and hauntings, a weird “partial OBE”, a woman draining energy from appliances, electrical and kundalini energy, mental health and the paranormal, the myth of normalcy, Timothy Renner and the “Strange Familiars” podcast, the “Last Exit for the Lost” radio show, a “Hat Man” and “waking dream” encounter in a tattoo shop, bad experiences with parasitic shadow people, Carlos Castaneda, holographic universe theory, strange voices, a weird disappearing spider, encounters with an invisible entity, an apparently successful occult ritual, magick and depression, chaos magick vs ceremonial magick, schizophrenia, and much more! These are fascinating stories accompanied by very interesting discussion!

– Recap by Vincent Treewell ofThe Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music by Marble with “Terrified One”