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LIONS GATE PORTAL (August 8th peak): There’s a lot going on with the Lions Gate portal. This event happens once a year. For those of us who are sensitive, it might feel like a crazy time because there is so much high frequency energy. 

Here’s what it might feel like for those of us who are sensitive. You might feel as if you’ve been quickly picked up by a tornado when least expecting it. While you are whirling around trying to make sense of what’s happening, that’s when nauseous and fear kick in. The next thing you know, you’re gently and carefully placed in the most beautiful, peaceful place. 

Here are few other things you might be noticing:

• Major shifts or changes

• High manifestation energy

• Advancement of spiritual senses

• Spiritual dreams

• Heightened sensitivity

• Headaches or migraines

• Anxiety

Sounds fun right? Despite the intensity, there’s also some really great stuff happening with the Lions Gate Portal too. Some of these things you will definitely want to take advantage of…


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