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Ohh, Saints Preserve Us, Weirdos!

We’re back in Ireland…. and Greece.  Welcome to Part Two of MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURES!! 

This week Lauren is going to be bringing us a tale of deception and betrayal.  The legend of LAMIA; the origin of the condemned woman, the scorned woman, the women who were purposefully omitted.

Ashley is taking you back to Ireland where we go in search of FAERIES!! While we’re there keep off the fairy paths and keep an eye out for those tricky changelings…

Consider ye be warned: Lauren tells so many lies in this episode.  Lauren briefly mentions the movie Stardust and then LIES ABOUT IT.  She gets everything wrong– seriously, everything.  Even at the end of the episode when she corrects herself– she corrects herself incorrectly.  So we just want YOU to know that WE know that everything we said is untrue.  So try not to pull out all your hair while listening.