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Why do people have such a hard time with the Law of Allowing?
Are they afraid of an outcome they don’t desire?Do they resist a good outcome, or better life, because they are afraid of good things happening to them?Or do they simply not “believe”?
People are very good micro managers of their own lives. Or so they think. They know it all! Their wants, desires, and needs. So they must make sure the Universe does too! And when things begin to veer off path, they can’t just ALLOW it to happen. Right before their very eyes…

So what do they do? The thing people do best. Panic.

They panic and grab the steering wheel of life and try to yank it back on course. Where do most of these people end up? In the ditch.

For those of you who are in the ditch, let’s face it, your life could be better…

Tune in if you wish to learn more 🙂