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People are using the law of attraction all of the time through out the day and do not even realize it. They think that it needs to be such a concentrated effort, yet everyone does it everyday just like we eat, breathe and walk. Your mind and body are involved with the “Law of Attraction” on an every day basis, without being told.This is how people think that it needs to be done. You must find a comfortable place, keep the kids quite and have some alone time creating your future. You sit in the room struggling to form a picture in your mind, get frustrated, try a few more times, mind starts wondering to the laundry and what you are making for dinner. Wow – that was a chore! Try it again later in the week. More laundry and grocery shopping, this is a waste of time, forget about it, and go back to real life.
What you need to pay attention to is what are you thinking about while you are driving in the car, waiting for a doctor appointment, lying in bed trying to fall asleep. When you were a kid you would think about the new bike you wanted, where you would like to live when you grow up. Daydreaming about fun things, because you did not have any responsibilities that would side track your mind. Find the inner child in you – when you are driving to work or to pick up the kids, use this time more wisely. Do not spend this “zone out” time worrying about bills, or the car, or how bad you do not want to go to the grocery store. Then get frustrated when you get an unexpected bill because the car gets a flat tire, and the grocery clerk was rude! We are going to talk about this subject it a little more detail. We will also be taking calls through out the show if you would like a free question answered by Jennifer O.